Credit Card Cash Advance

Welcome to the era of credit cards! Any way you slice it, the almighty credit card has become a significant aspect of living today. While some people say it is a bad thing, others say this form of plastic money has made so many things possible for everyone. You no longer have to wait until payday in order to purchase something. The only downside is, this spending can get out of hand at times. Unfortunately this can mean debt for some people. Then again, you must keep in mind all of the ways credit cards have assisted you over the years. There are certainly some pluses to having a good credit card, and one of them is the credit card cash advance.

Just think; twenty five years ago, you could not even resort to a piece of plastic for a credit card cash advance. You would not have even heard of such a thing. Back in the 1980s, credit cards were just coming about for the middle class. For many years these pieces of plastic were only for the rich or affluent crowds. Nowadays almost anyone with a job can acquire a credit card. Of course your income will have a bearing on the credit limit you receive. This can be a wonderful thing in certain instances. For example, maybe you need a credit card cash advance at some point. This is one way to acquire instant cash for an emergency.

If you are unclear how a credit card cash advance works, it is basically a portion of money pulled off of your credit card. For instance, let’s say you have a 10,000-dollar credit limit on your Visa. Well, you can pull $800 off of the card, just like that. This can come in very handy if cash is needed, and credit is not allowed. However, you must keep in mind the APR or annual percentage rate that applies to the credit card cash advance. These are typically at their highest points for cash advances. In other words, the interest can be pretty hefty, if you choose to pull cash from your credit card. It is commonly over 20%.

An easy way to get better informed when it comes to credit card cash advances is by checking out the websites for major credit cards. Try looking at,, or These sites all offer ample information and advice regarding credit card cash advance loans. It is prudent not to pull money from your credit card if you do not need to. Also, it is a good idea if you do pull money off of your credit card, to avoid taking out more than you need. This way you will owe less money in interest for the cash withdrawal.