Ways To Become Debt Free On Your Own

Are you someone who is going through dire financial straits? If answered yes, you need not fret as there are ways in which you can get back a firm grip on your personal finances without even having to spend your dollars. Although there are many professional companies that are there to assist you in repaying your debt and being debt free, it is certainly better to get out of debt on your own. Why would you pay for services that you can do on your own? If you’re unaware of the steps that you can take, here are some tips for you.

Formulate a budget: Formulate a budget so that you don’t fall short of funds when you need. Make sure the budget is a frugal one and it eliminates all the unnecessary things. Try and distinguish between your needs and wants so that you can concentrate only on your needs and not on your wants.

Save money: Save as much funds as possible so that you don’t have to take resort to the professional loans when you can’t repay your debt obligations on your own. Saving money under your mattress won’t help as you need to ensure saving the amount in a high yield savings account.

Restrict using your credit cards: You should restrict using your credit cards and stick to using cash while making purchases. The more you use your cards, the more you’ll dig yourself deeper in credit card debt. Therefore, stuff cash in your wallet and ensure using it instead of credit.

Negotiate with your creditors: If you feel that you shouldn’t speak to your creditors as they won’t help you, you’re probably mistaken. You should always negotiate with your creditors as it is necessary to let them know the financial hardship that you’re going through so that they might put you in a hardship plan and help you repay your debts.

Therefore, when you’re wondering about the ways in which you can become debt free on your own, consider following the steps mentioned above.

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Advance Cash Loan Online Payday – A Bridge Over Troubled Water

There are times when you just need money fast! Unfortunately not everyone has fifty grand sitting in a savings account somewhere to take care of all their problems as they arise. Well, instead of getting discouraged, you should realize that there are monetary solutions to dilemmas that require capital right now. For instance, have you ever heard of advance cash loan online payday? You can get a sum of cash right away if you go to the right source. Naturally this is money that must be paid back. It is not like a scholarship or college grant that you never have to deal with down the road. It is like a loan.

Some advance cash loan online payday lenders will give you anywhere from $200 to $1000 right now if you need it. This is what makes this world we live in so great. While there are blocks in the road of life at times, and it is not always easy to get by on your regular salary, there are also advance cash loan online paydays to assist you if needed. A few websites that you should take a peek at immediately are paydayone.com, MyCashNow.com, and AdvanceAmerica.net. These are all easy-to-access websites that can get you the quick cash you need to take care of an overdue bill or get your automobile fixed now.

Since you may not be fully aware of how advance cash loan online paydays work, let’s go over the basics. If you need money promptly, you can pull up the website and begin reading their terms of agreement. You will need to fill out some basic information about yourself and your job. You will need to stipulate how much money you need to borrow until payday, and then you will need to take a close look at the interest sum they charge. In away the advance cash loan online payday method works a bot like a credit card. The point is you will get paid soon on your next payday, and you will then need to pay back the lender.

It is always a good idea to size up the competition before choosing an advance cash loan online payday. This means that you should take a close look at Pay Day One, My Cash Now, and Advance America before you make the choice to use one of them for a quick loan. After all, one of them may have a more severe interest rate of penalty fee than the others. It always pays to do your homework in the beginning. Especially when it comes to money and loans. This is how you avoid getting ripped off. In the end, there is no reason to fret over cash that is needed immediately. Take out an advance cash loan online payday now!

Beware Of No Credit Check Payday Loans

When we’re desperate for some ready cash, those no credit check payday loans can sound awfully tempting. An instant solution to getting back on track – not!  Here are some reasons why this type of loan isn’t a good option. In fact, you should consider this your option of last resort.

Most likely, the words ‘no credit check’ are what catches your eye and tempts you. If you’re considering a payday loan, you probably have poor credit. You may think it’s the only way you’ll be able to get the cash you need. These lenders know that if you’re willing to take such a loan, you are desperate for immediate cash and have bad credit. So why are they willing to make the loan? It’s extremely lucrative for them and it’s virtually guaranteed they’ll get their money. While you can’t accuse them of fraudulent advertising – every word in the phrase ‘no credit check payday loans‘ is accurately represented – you’ll be digging yourself into a much worse financial position by the time the transaction is concluded and the loan is repaid.

When you apply for an advance cash payday loan, all you need to qualify is proper identification and your most recent pay stub. The lender then calls your employer for verification of employment and how long you’ve been on the job. Presto! You’ve got cash. So now, for the down sides of this arrangement.

Interest rates on these no credit check payday loans typically runs in the neighborhood of a flat rate 30%! This translates to a $500 loan that costs you $650 to repay from your next paycheck! Unless your paycheck is quite large, it’s easy to see how this can blow a giant hole in your budget. That $150 interest charge can still, even at today’s prices, buy a lot of food. While the payday loan may have enabled you to meet rent or your car payment, it’s also certainly worsened your cash flow! Will you be able to meet your monthly expenses next month, on time?

When you’re strapped for ready cash, there are better alternatives. Don’t wait until the last minute. Surely you know at least a couple of weeks in advance that you’ll be in this spot. This is the time to hold a garage sale! Have the whole family go through their belongings and hit the garage too! You’d be surprised to find that you’ve got lots of stuff you either don’t use or need. Clothes, toys and gadgets are quick sellers at garage sales. If you’ve got gold jewelry or diamonds, take them to a pawn shop and add that cash to your growing fund. Pawn shops generally charge 10% interest and you have three months to redeem your goods. You might also see if you can get an advance on your pay … sure, it’ll be deducted from your next paycheck, but you’re still ahead $150 you don’t have to pay on that no credit check payday loan! Ask relatives if they might loan you some money on a short-term arrangement.

If you take all these measures to raise the cash you need, chances are you can avoid taking the costly, no credit check payday loans. They’re just not a smart move!

You Can Easily Get Free Copy of Credit Report

In the last decade or so, there has been more and more talk about credit reports and scores. This may be due to the difficulties America and other parts of the world have been having with the economy. Then again, it could also be related to the convenient access of information these days. Unlike back in the 1980s, nowadays you can get a free copy of credit report in no time at all. This is not only because of the World Wide Web, but it is also due to the technology banks have to offer their clientele. However, before you get too gung-ho, make sure to keep in mind that requesting your credit report should not be done a lot.

The reason you do not want to request a free copy of credit report too often is because it can ding your credit. Typically it is wise to request a free copy of your credit report annually. This way you can really stay on top of things, and keep track of your credit score. If you are uncertain what a good score is, be aware that 700 or higher is considered a good credit score. There are other occasions when requesting a free copy of credit report is necessary. Maybe you receive a call from your credit card company about your score and how it has decreased. In this case, you need to find out what is going on.

What defines your credit score or shapes it? This is fairly simple. After you begin to build credit as a young adult, your credit can increase or improve over the years. It all begins with your first credit card or the vehicle you purchase. As long as you keep your card paid down and always make your car payments, your credit score improves. The less debt you have, the better off you will be. This means once you purchase a home and have expenses like a mortgage, utility bill, water bill, cable bill and so on, it is imperative to pay every bill on time. If you make late payments, this will reflect on your credit score.

One way to get more information on a free copy of credit report is by checking out websites like FreeCreditReport.com, TransUnion.com, and Equifax.com. These websites are designed to help you acquire a free copy of your credit report in no time at all. Just remember that there are simple tricks to keeping your credit score high, and the higher, the better. Having a good credit score is crucial when it comes to buying big-ticket items. This includes furniture, a new car, or more importantly, a house. If your credit score is low, banks do not want to provide you with a loan, since they feel like you will not pay it back.

Tips On Obtaining Credit Cards For People With No Credit History

I can almost hear you: “Credit cards for people with no credit history? You’ve got to be kidding!” Well, building a credit rating has to start somewhere. Banks and other lending institutions are still in the business of making money!  The truth is that, with no credit history, you stand a better chance of getting a credit card than the person with a poor credit history. While it’s true that you shouldn’t expect to get a large line of credit, lenders and credit card companies do give credit cards for people with no credit history, particularly if you can demonstrate that you’re a good risk. So, just how do you demonstrate this favorable characteristic? Here, we’ve got a few pointers to help you get a credit card going and build a good credit rating.

Just as it’s difficult for young people with no job history to find a job, it can be difficult to obtain credit without previous credit behind you. That is, unless you know how to go about it. The key is to start small and make the most of your reputation. What does this mean? Read on …

Let’s say you have a job and are regarded by your employer as a dependable and honest employee. Favorable image number one. Furthermore, you have a bank account you’ve kept in good order. Do you also have a savings account, to which you make regular deposits? These are all signatures of a financially responsible person. If you don’t now have these ducks in a row, get them going now.

Most credit card applications have space for you to list credit references. When it comes to credit cards for people with no credit history, think outside the box! Do you rent your home? Pay for electricity or other such services? If you’ve always paid these debts on time, list them as references. Remember, credit card companies want business. They’ll check these references. Good feedback helps you here.

Do your parents have good credit and have trust in your financial judgment? Ask them if they will co-sign on a credit card. This is a great way to obtain credit cards for people with no credit history to speak of … this method also helps add to your credibility. With a small credit limit, timely payments and no over-the-limit dings, the bank will automatically raise your credit limit over time. What’s in it for them? Interest, of course!

One thing you don’t want to do is apply for multiple credit cards, not until you’ve established a good credit rating with one credit card. Make every payment on time. When you’ve demonstrated yourself to be a good risk, with a history of at least 6 months of reliable payments, you may be tempted by several other credit card offers coming to your mailbox. As said above, start small. Don’t take on more than you can realistically maintain.

Have you considered getting a gas credit card? These are among the easiest credit cards to obtain. You buy the gas anyway, so why not use this fact to start building a credit history?

In all of this, making payments on time is paramount. Credit cards for people with no credit history? Sure. Why not?

How The Annual Free Credit Report Program Can Help You

What is your credit score? You have probably heard this question at some time or another. It is a common inquiry made these days. After all, your credit score essentially refers to how good your credit is or is not. So many people do not fully understand what credit is. Well, your credit all begins when you first start paying bills, getting credit cards, or making a major purchase in your name. For instance, maybe you are 20 years old, and you just received your first credit card. You are now building credit. A lot depends on whether or not you make all of your monthly payments on time. If you keep the card paid off, this makes your credit score higher.

Let us talk about the annual free credit report program. This is basically a free credit report sent to you each year. Now, it is only done once a year, because you do not want to get a credit report more often than that. As bizarre as it may sound, this can ding your credit score. You don’t want that. However, you do need to keep track of what your credit score is. This can easily be done with a annual free credit report program. These programs allow you to review your credit report and make certain everything looks kosher or normal. With so many identity thefts these days, you certainly need to keep up with your credit score.

There are a few websites that can assist you with annual free credit report programs. These are FreeScoreOnline.com, IdentityGuard.com, and QuickBooksOnline.com. Check each of these sites out in order to learn more about your own credit score. If you are unclear as to what a good credit score is, keep in mind that 700 or higher is good. You really do not want your score to be much lower than 700. This makes it more difficult to make major purchases, such as a new car or a home. You may additionally want to check out annualcreditreport.com to learn more about annual free credit report program.

Always remember that you never have to pay anything to get an annual credit report. With annual free credit report programs, there is no reason to. However, you must always make certain you keep your personal information close and guarded. The last thing you want is for someone to get their hands on it, and attempt to steal your identity. This means that you need to make certain the website you use is secure. If you feel it is better to speak with someone by phone about an annual free credit report program, this is also an option. Be sure to work hard and keep your bills paid on time so that your credit score is stellar.

7 Tips For Dealing With Bad Credit Car Dealerships

You need a car. What’s the skinny on bad credit car dealerships?

Bad credit is now more common than good credit! So, there’s now plenty of interest in the bad credit car dealerships. Our cars are our lifeline to getting where we need to go … to work, school, doctor appointments, errand runs … unless you live in a major metro area, with good transportation routes, a car is a virtual necessity! If this is your first look at the bad credit car dealerships, you need to get up to speed on how these businesses operate. Knowing how they work and how much a contract can cost you is the purpose of this article. Knowing the ropes will save you cash!

Car dealerships which specialize in the bad credit market make no bones about their territory: “No credit? Bad credit? No problem!” is the usual tag on their banners. This sort of advertising is sure to attract lots of lookers. Including you, if you’ve got bad credit and need a car. Such dealerships put their best looking cars in the front row, but still convey an overall seedy and suspicious appearance, up close. All you need to do is walk on the lot. A salesman appears out of seemingly thin air. “What can I help you folks with today? We’ve got a lot of great cars!” Yeah. Granted, the car salesman is just trying to make a living, just like you. In the venue of the bad credit car dealerships, sales people generally work on commission. They earn money only through sales. So, it stands to reason that the sales person isn’t necessarily looking out for your best interests.

Still, lining your objectives up against his, you can still get a decent deal in spite of your bad credit. Here are some guidelines to help you get a good deal in this environment.

1.Let the sales person know that you’re just looking and will certainly let him know when you find a vehicle that interests you.

2.Look over the cars, and prices to see if any of them are worth your time.

3.Act disinterested at all times. Even if a car catches your eye, just give it the once-over and move on. You want the sales person to get the idea that you’re a hard sell.

4.Keep in mind that bad credit car dealerships often stock ‘lemons’, not apparent at first glance. If the sales person approaches you as you linger over a particular car, ask him or her if he’d mind you having your mechanic take a look at a car you’re interested in. If the answer is something like, “Oh, don’t worry about that – all of our cars come with a guarantee!”, you have reason to be suspicious. That guarantee may be of the 30-day variety, which doesn’t count for much. You want a firm commitment that your own mechanic must approve the soundness of the vehicle before you’d consider signing a contract. If you can’t get that, walk away.

5.Should you find a car that looks good, ask the sales person to look up the Kelly Blue Book(R) value – and ask to see the book to be sure you’re getting an accurate value!

6.OK, now it’s time to talk money. What’s the best price he can offer? What about financing? What kind of APR are we talking? Remember, he wants to make the sale as badly as you want to get a car.

7.Consider that your bottom line in the bad credit car dealerships scene is to obtain a reliable car that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg, at a fair market price and an interest rate that’s commensurate with your credit rating.

Remember that you may need to explore more than one of the bad credit car dealerships to achieve your goal. With a little patience and car-buying savvy, you’ll succeed! One sales person will be happy, too.

Bad Credit Auto Loans – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

If you need a new car or truck, you probably want to get something reliable. If you do not have a lot of cash lying around, this means spending money that you are going to have to borrow from someone. Financing is the most common way that people get cars and trucks, but not everyone has good enough credit to get the financing that they need. There are some bad credit auto loans out there, but be sure you understand what you are getting into so you can find the best deal for your financial situation.

One thing to understand about bad credit auto loans is that you generally pay a much higher interest rate than you would if you have passable or good credit. The reason for this is that you have a past of not paying debts in a timely manner, for whatever reason, and someone who is going to give you money for your car loan knows this. They are worried that you may not want to pay this one back either, so they need to make more money off of a risk. That is why the interest rate is much higher. You have to factor this in to the total cost of your loan.

Not every institution out there will hand out bad credit auto loans. In fact, you may have a hard time finding a bank that will do this for you. Instead, you may have to find an auto dealership that specializes in finding loans for those with less than perfect credit. There are independent dealers that make these loans on their own, and some have access to banks that are willing to make these risky loans because they can earn more from it. Most areas have at least one dealership that offers such a program, so ask around.

If you secure a loan, there are a few things to consider that may be different than a traditional loan through your personal bank. Other than the higher interest rate on bad credit auto loans, the penalties for large payments may be very stiff. Some can tack on as much as fifty dollars or more if you are even one day late with your payment. Loans like this have a way of going out of control very quickly and you could end up in default very quickly without the means to catch up on the loan in a realistic manner.

You are also in danger of losing your car to repossession much more quickly if you get bad credit auto loans. You will not have as much time to make up a missed payment as you would otherwise. It may sound like these are hard to deal with as they are, but they can help those that have the money, but simply don’t have the credit. Just make sure you are more than able to pay back the debt so you don’t run into trouble and accept you are paying more than you should have to otherwise. It can also be a way to rebuild credit too, so keep that in mind.

A Bad Credit Payday Loan Is Likely A Bad Idea

You are a week away from payday and your car payment is seriously overdue. The finance company is calling and you are worried that they may repossess your vehicle at any minute. The stress is killing you so you try and borrow some money. Your parents and your family are out of the question since you already owe them more money than you could ever pay back in your lifetime so you search the internet for an alternative. You go to Google and type in “bad credit payday loan” and instantly thousands of links pop up urging you to call them and get the easy money that you deserve. The ads are all similar telling you that you work hard for your money and there is no reason that you should not be granted the credit that you deserve for your hard work. It all makes sense to you so far so you apply for the aforementioned bad credit payday loan.

This is when all of the problems begin. If you apply blindly online and you put in your email address you will never be free of the millions of pieces of spam email that you will be inundated with on a daily basis. You might as well just change your email address immediately since the offers will never cease and you will be buried in junk mail on a daily basis. But tons of unwanted emails are just the tip of your iceberg of problems.

If you actually apply and get a bad credit payday loan you will be paying interest rates that could top five hundred percent. And the worst thing is that they are all legal. But this does not matter, you say to yourself, since you are going to pay the loan back in full on the day you get paid. But life intercedes and you are hit once again with another blindside money emergency right around payday so instead of paying it all off as you know you should you end up making just the minimum payment which just covers the interest and not the principal balance.

The ugly truth about a bad credit payday loan is that these companies prey on the poverty stricken or those that are just getting by. In our current state of recession (some would say depression) that segment of the population is frighteningly large. Many people are struggling to make ends meet and are living from paycheck to paycheck. Savings across the nation are at an all-time low. The country and its citizens are buried in debt and the bad credit payday loan is a glaring and brutal symptom of the bottom feeding habits of large financial institutions. It is the large corporate giants that own these companies but do not advertise that fact lest they be seen to be preying upon those less fortunate. But that is exactly what a bad credit payday loan is. It is predatory lending at its worst and should be completely eliminated from our society.

Social Security Medicare – It’s Your Right!

The Social Security Act was originally passed in 1935 and signed by then President Franklin D. Roosevelt in fulfillment of his “New Deal” theme which essentially asserted the responsibility of the people for their own. The responsibility was not one-sided, not laying the burden of social insurance on the people: it aimed to  force the individual to save, not voluntarily, but through taxation. It also partitioned responsibility between the individual and business, holding business partially responsible for such situations as unemployment and stresses on health and longevity. The original act provided for funding of retirement, survivorship, disabilities, and unemployment. In 1965, President Lyndon Johnson signed an amendment to the act, providing health care insurance, also known as social security Medicare. This act expressed the notion of a society caring for its members, the notion central to the Johnson administration theme of the “Great Society”.

The social security Medicare amendment made medical insurance available for the aged and the disabled. Former president Harry Truman and his wife were the first citizens to receive it. Medicare and its complement, Medicaid, accounts for 20.1 percent of the yearly federal budget. It is primarily funded by taxation on payroll checks. A varying percentage of payroll is taxed and collected under the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) of 1939, an act that moved collections from Title VII of the Social Security Act to the Internal Revenue Code. The individual worker actually pays only 50 percent of the social security Medicare tax, with the employer paying the other 50 percent. This sharing of the tax burden was not wholeheartedly received by business and continues to be controversial, but after 75 years of acceptance, the practice is likely to continue.

Present day ultra-conservatives like to call social security Medicare a form of welfare, thereby associating the negative connotations of the word, “welfare”, with what all working people who pay taxes have actually paid to receive in their old age. Although social security Medicare became law 30 years after the original Social Security act, the social philosophy underlying the original act hasn’t changed. In this view, the people that constitute a society are considered to have  natural compassion for other people in pain and suffering. Whatever the causes of that pain and suffering, human compassion cannot turn a heart of stone towards  people who are in such a state. The heart of flesh requires action. Social security is an attempt to reduce the volume of people the society would have to care for out of their own pockets; people are forced to insure themselves. The more people that are insured, the fewer society will have to care for in the long run. Social Security Medicare is not only a way by which individuals insure themselves – it is a way that society protects itself.

Neither is Medicare a free ride once you turn 65 and are eligible for it. Medicare hospitalization requires that you have paid into FICA for at least 10 years, but for Medicare medical treatment, you must also pay a premium. You’ll also have deductibles and co-payments. Some studies have shown that private sector insurance is even more generous than Medicare.

Don’t let these hearts of stone make you ashamed to avail yourself of what you’ve paid for all your working life! Social Security Medicare is a right and an entitlement. It’s not the number of millionaires a society has that makes it great. It’s how a society cares for its people that distinguishes it.